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About us

The main philosophy of our brand Gosha Altshuler - is to give the best to those who assess quality and manner of style that we provide. Whether it's a unique design or tailors masterpiece that was created in our studio, - would always leave our costumer satisfied and not wanting to settle for anything less then our brand.

Flawless reputation of our brand Gosha Altshuler carries and presents innovative versatility, reasonable presentation of fashion trends, high quality materials, best implements, excellence of tailoring. Being in the process of continuous development and improvement, our brand Gosha Altshuler reaffirms its solvency for twelve years.

Gosha Altshuler brand has an excellent feature which presents itself through sensible and attentive rethinking of current interest and modern trend in fashion industry. Keeping tradition of sartorial workmanship we give second breath to classical solutions, and screaming swanky details we transform in to wearable and original make.

We do not have commercials screaming at you from glossy magazines and huge billboards. We believe best commercial comes from our clients that stay faithful in choosing Gosha Altshuler brand every time.

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