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Newly formed brand DDD which was created just a half year ago is set out to debut its very first collection "City's Life Forms". This collection is a result of creative efforts of three designers working in various fields of fashion: Gosha Altshuler( accessories and apparel manufacturing from widest variety of materials), Yevgeni Sheshenin (textile design, hand printing on fabrics and leather, menswear and accessories) and Tatiana Chorna (conceptual costume and fine jewelry). 
The driving force behind collection "City's Life Forms" is a fusion of desire and creative effort to produce apparel and accessories for young contemporaries, who strive to create and surround themselves with conceptually formed environment, clothing and ultimately lifestyle. All persented products are featuring the highest degree of artistic finish. This overall exquisite quality owes its persuasive power largely to the inordinant amount of handy work by all the participating founders of this brand. Individual attention to every aspect of the design, construction and production of every garment as well as hand printing, jewelry and art objects making from the mind boggling variety of materials - textiles, plastics, metal, leather, even paper. 
The essense of the "City's Life Forms" collection is a study of the city life and its constructions and bio forms. True survivers of the city life - the beetles and bugs are represented by their origami stiled icons, while city grafics in forms of abstrracted graffity motifs appeares on clothing and jewelry thus creating a resonance with the city scapes and disrupting them with the bursts of color.

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