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Why is our company unique

In atelier of our brand Gosha Altshuler we stand for high standards of fashion design and manufacture. We also strive to maintain traditions of tailors art. Any who had an opportunity to wear clothing from Gosha Altshuler brand, would not want to lower their standards of fashion, style and quality.

How to keep your individuality in a modern world? When we are constantly surrounded with superfluity of branded things - catchy, massive with quality that is barely passing but recognized and trendy. Is it possible to find quality wear that would underline the beauty and individuality of a person? The answer is yes - it is possible, but only if it is custom-made and designed individually to fit your remarks and wants.

Individual approach to each client gives the opportunity to create unique and fashionable wear that includes all your wishes and demands. Coats, jackets, dresses, suits, pants, blazers and blouses are created individually using one of the best technologies out there "Made to measure." Made to measure - is a representative model of tailors art, utilization of the best implements that helps us create exclusive sewing according to your measurements.

We are willing to give an advise when it comes down to choosing a model or accessories. You can find out more about latest trends and get consultation, find out what is your color pattern, figure out your body shape and last but not least get exclusive recommendations from our fashion designer.

In order to make an order, please call and book yourself an appointment.

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